Time Lapsed

May 12, 2011

After a week and a half at VCCA, I have to report that I haven’t had much time to work in the studio! Since it is my first time back in Virginia for more than a few days in… oh… 8 years? I’ve spent my first couple weeks splitting my time between visiting with old friends I haven’t seen in years and preparing for the move to Brooklyn. After my Monday arrival, I had just enough time to unpack and set up my room and studio before leaving on Thursday to see Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria in Roanoke with my family. Friday a friend visited me here, Saturday I met another friend in Lynchburg for drinks and Sunday my parents visited me so we could spend some quality Mother’s Day time together. Monday was relatively uninterrupted, then Tuesday I headed to Richmond to visit VCU’s Material Studies & Sculpture departments, crashed with a friend in Church Hill, then spent Wednesday with another friend I hadn’t seen in 7 years. Now that I’m back at VCCA, I have a couple days to do some more NYC job hunting (I told myself I would do it once a week, but missed last week because I just couldn’t make myself do it the few hours I was actually in studio!) and then I head to NYC this weekend to confirm my studio at Wayfarer’s Brooklyn, my apartment sublet in Bushwick, and to meet with a couple of job possibilities. THEN, I will finally have some uninterrupted studio time.

In between everything, I have managed to fill my first 10 gal tank with new work and fresh solution. AND set up a time-lapse video of the crystals growing in this new tank, so that’s something at least. Here’s some pics:

knit hardened on top of fabric armatures

knit without armature, almost ready to go in the tank

the first new piece, in the tank after 3 days of growth--the halo around all the strands are the first tiny crystals

a close-up of the crystals after 3 days in the tank

the camera setup for what will be a time lapse video


May 3, 2011

Arrived here in Amherst yesterday afternoon–unloaded and unpacked everything (studio and room) and spent the evening setting up my studio to begin working today. The housing here is amazing–it’s like having my own hotel room–I have a balcony! Which I love, though I wish there was a cheap plastic chair I could leave out there because I intend to hang out on that balcony as much as possible… I also have my own sink, so no worries about hogging the bathroom or battling with my bathroom partner for time–we only have to share the toilet and shower. The room has tons of storage (although I don’t know for what since I only brought one small duffle bag worth of clothing), an exposed brick wall, AC, and a nice little armchair–way better than my VSC accomodations. Now all you VSC fans out there, remember, I worked there. I realize some of the rooms are huge and awesome, I just got stuck with a closet sized one. Everyone here (except one or two people) have the same setup so no room discrepancies. My studio is huge–very long, kind of skinny, which is totally fine with me. It had a ton of furniture already in it–all of it on casters, which is awesome–including a bed and there’s a shower down the hall if I wanted to crash here at any point. I also have my own slop sink, which is great because I spend a lot of time at it cleaning tanks and buckets, pots and pans. And there’s AC in my studio! So no worries about having to become nocturnal because it gets too hot, cooking in studio in the summer. It’s on a beautiful, hilly, woodsy farm with a lake/pond on one side, railroad on another, and a local route on the other with cows, horses and dogs. Nothing within walking distance, so can’t stumble home from the Hub or grab a quick slice of pizza, but as a much smaller residency (only about 20 people at a time–artists, writers and composers), it’s just a lot quieter, more focused and a more intimate setup. Enough blabbing, here’s some pics before unpacking or setting anything up:

the lovely setup in my room--storage, sink and shelves stocked with books!

bedroom with balcony!

view from my balcony

my gigantic studio--even has a slew of clamp lights

mini bedroom in my studio

Donate a Bag of Sugar!

March 31, 2011

I just launched my first ever Kickstarter project to gather 500 lbs. of sugar before my residency at VCCA begins in 4 weeks. Check it out to donate today! Pledge drives through Kickstarter are all or nothing, so I have to reach my $750 goal before midnight on April 25 or I won’t receive any funds at all, and that means no sugar during my 5 week residency. So I am relying on you guys, my faithful blog followers, online fans, colleagues, friends and family to get this pledge drive rolling. Check out the project description and donate today!

Screenshot of my Kickstarter project

Science is Fiction

February 14, 2011

It’s show time again! My last show at the Studio Center is coming up–only 3 weeks till I start installing! The show will sort of sum up my year here–a mini retrospective if you will. Hopefully a nice way to end my year-long staff-artist residency. Check out this pretty little show announcement…

Announcement for my upcoming show in March

Week 40 of 48

November 10, 2010

I’ve been out of town traveling again, which is why this post is a few days later than usual. Rather than get into studio stuff, I’d like to use this post to officially announce that I’ve decided to stay at VSC for a few extra months. This might sound crazy to those of you who know how hard my time here has been (the count-down nature of this blog from week 1 is case in point…), but I’m looking forward to having a few more months to push one more big show/project and to making a little extra money to move with, before packing up for the next thing life has in store for me. I’m technically scheduled to install another show in the Red Mill a week from today–which is insane as I am not anywhere near ready for it and have done nothing to prepare for it in terms of announcing it, making show cards, etc. I think I’m approaching it more as an opportunity to continue my photography efforts in a nicer space and just to get some things out of the studio with some space to really look at and think about them. It will also force me to make some decisions about how to present certain items that have been sitting in the studio for months, waiting for me to figure out what to do with them. So I think I’m going to move forward with it anyways without making too big of a deal out of it. Then I can schedule one last show for March (I will leave VSC late March/early April) to round out my time here.

That’s all for now! Next week I’ll post some in progress shots and I’m getting closer to having the website refresh done so I might be able to post that soon as well. I’m going to continue to write once a week until the initial year (48 weeks) is up. After that, I’m thinking of doing this a little less regularly since it doesn’t feel as important anymore to mark my time here. I’ll probably go back to just posting things whenever something especially exciting is happening…

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