Tooth Letter

January 21, 2010

In cleaning out the filing cabinet a couple days ago, I came upon this letter I had been saving in order to photograph and post online. My friend, Jasmin, mailed it to me while camping in the middle of nowhere, and, well, the post office had a field day with it… This is what I received:

Funny how what's left is tooth shaped

Sorry that it’s blurry, but in case you couldn’t tell, she enclosed a couple real teeth, probably dog teeth and the post office confiscated them! And apparently they couldn’t confiscate them by just opening the envelope and taking them out, they had to rip the corner off containing the teeth and then deliver the letter to me as shown… really!? Come on post office, this is how you treat peoples’ mail!?

Lesson learned from this:  if you want to send me some teeth in the mail, put them in a padded envelope or box…

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