Week 23 of 48

July 16, 2010

Writing a little late this week because of the show opening Wednesday night but finally found some time to sort through the hundreds of photos I took on day 1. Images from the actual opening are up on my facebook page. For now, here are a few from before the show actually opened as well as a few from the next day to show the quick melting progess. More will come next week as things continue to change! There should also be a video or two and some time-lapse once the show is complete…

close up of the title before it started melting

not fabulous panoramic of the entire piece

one side

a single sheet, melting in the heat

the title the next day... totally illegible

view from outside, at night, the next evening

What a whirlwind this week has been! I finished installing the show just in time for Open Studios to begin Saturday and Sunday; had over 300 strangers come traipsing through my apartment, loving it or hating it, respectful or browsing through our personal belongings; cooked an insane amount of food for my reception Sunday evening (I am still eating my way through the leftovers!) and had several friends stop by to chat, check out the  work and deliver some gorgeous flowers; crashed early every night to try and catch up on lost sleep and recover from taxed people skills (thank god for Flour!  If it wasn’t for working there I’m not sure I would have the ability to tactfully deal with all of them!); got up as early as I could force myself Monday morning to take down the big piece and figure out how to transport and more importantly, translate the configuration; loaded it all (including the bed) into a Zipcar, drove to Warren, RI, just outside of Providence, reinstalled the whole thing with 2 foot higher ceilings, cleaned up the disaster we had made of the gallery, and drove back to Boston!!! Then it was back to the jobs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with a trip BACK to RI, this time by commuter rail, for the opening reception Thursday night.  AND a 5am commuter rail back to Boston this morning to arrive in time to open the bakery.  All I can say is thank god for Kent, who was key in installing the Paper Jungle way back when, and for Zipcar, even though it cost me an arm and a leg…

Install 1

We were both on ladders for the full 4 hrs. of reinstallation

Install 2

We used trace paper on the ceiling to translate the exact locations of all the eye hooks

Install 3

And numbered each tooth individually to map out which belonged where in the composition

Install 4

Ellen Blomgren, the gallery owner, tested the view when we were done

AC Show 1

At the opening...

AC Show 2

Dearest friends Rachel and Nick, visiting from Providence, enjoyed the view together

I still have to share the “nicer“ photos I took of the piece when it was still in my apartment with ALL the lights turned off except the two illuminating the piece from below.  Those will come soon…

Open Studios Success!

November 4, 2009

I had over 300 visitors over the course of the weekend!  The building received over 700, but I imagine most people got lost and didn’t hit every studio or were scared by the room full of teeth and didn’t bother trying to come in.  Here’s what they missed:


My studio door: Old Arsenal work outside, New teeth work inside


Wall of real and fake teeth specimens

Teeth Book

Book of printed Teeth Stories

Teeth Wall

Wall of Teeth Stories

Overall View

Overall view of the whole setup

And just for fun…


Larry, Curly and Moe enjoying the view

I also took a ton of photos of the big piece by itself in super dramatic lighting.  I will post those next…


October 28, 2009

A few pics for you loyal readers out there (if you even exist!) of what’s coming this weekend.  By no means is this finished, but most of the teeth are in place…  I would say it is 83% there…

Lighting 2

Ignore the pony in the background...

Cat Install

Don't mind the cat, she's just enjoying the view too

Install Process

Casts some great shadows...

Test View

A view from underneath it... where the bed will be...

That’s it!  That’s all you get.  Come to the show this weekend to see the finished version for yourself and all the other little surprises I have in store…

Postcard Design

Postcard Design

Finally came up with a name for my show!  I submitted the design for my postcards and had to invent a title to put on the cards so there you have it.  I hate making up titles.  Half the time I end up just throwing something random together; sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.  This might be one of those not working times, but the title is slowly growing on me so we’ll see what I think by the time the show rolls around.

Making the postcards meant I had to finally set up my studio corner in the new apartment.  In addition to finishing a few teeth, I had to assemble some sort of photography booth.  I took a few pics of my corner and the crazy contraption I put together for the sake of taking a few nice photos…

My corner studio in the new apartment

My corner studio in the new apartment

And lastly, here was the second favorite postcard photo.  It’s a tiny version what’s to come in the next few weeks and at the show on November 1st.

Postcard Design Reject

Postcard Design Reject

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