Studio and Show Images

October 1, 2011

shot by Yung during the opening at Wayfarers. It’s always interesting to see your work and studio through someone else’s eyes… Go to his Flickr page to see all his shots from the opening.

Wayfarers FOR

September 25, 2011

I should have time to write a bit about the show in another week or so, but until then, here are some quick shots taken by Zach Seeger before the opening. Enjoy! More to come of the rest of the show soon… The show will be up until October 16th, so there is plenty of time to come see it and the studios in person. Hope to see you there!

one piece on a plinth in the middle of the room

speaking to another piece, embedded in the wall

the window to the second piece

view of the second piece through the glass

Two Crazy Weeks

March 15, 2011

I’ve been wanting to write all week and not been able to squeeze in a spare moment to get anything together! The past couple weeks have been completely out of control, between remaking panels from sweet senescence, installing in Brooklyn, flying to Chicago and back, deinstalling in Dumbo, and then installing my Science is Fiction here in Vermont, I have had no time for sleep, much less writing. All I can say is I am so happy to finally have some breathing room. Without getting into all the gory details, everything in Brooklyn was basically a disaster, everything in Chicago was great, and everything in Vermont was stressful and painful but with an end result I think I am happy with. Later in the week I will write a thorough Things Learned entry about my experience in Brooklyn to flesh out more of why things went so badly and how to avoid a repeat in the future. Just to give you some insight into what the last couple of weeks was like, here was my schedule, but first, a few quick shots of the show:

An overview panoramic of the show

half with video projection

View from the specimen table

View from Dura Mater

Sugar bag installation and year old hard candy pieces

Feb 26 & 27: re making sweet senescence panels in 36 consecutive hours (with a 2 hr. nap)
Feb 28: work in office, build frames to transport panels
Mar 1: work in office, pack tools for install, package small samples to take on plane to Chicago
Mar 2: load friends car at crack of dawn, load into rental car in Burlington, drive direct to Dumbo, install panels, eat first meal of day around 9pm
Mar 3: visit Scope Art Fair and other galleries in the city, return to Brooklyn for opening night party but end up missing the event
Mar 4: visit Pool Art Fair, head to La Guardia for flight to Chicago
Mar 5: spend day at SAIC in Fiber and Material Studies department interviews, hang out with grad students and friends
Mar 6: fly back to NYC early, make way back to Brooklyn to pack rental and head to Dumbo for deinstall in pouring rain, eat first meal of day around 10pm, consider driving back to Vermont overnight but don’t because of blizzard
Mar 7: wake up sick but still leave at crack of dawn to drive back to Vermont, hit blizzard despite trying to miss it, collapse at Studio Center, amazed to have survived the drive
Mar 8: return rental car early in Burlington, work in office, begin gathering work for solo show and moving from studio to gallery
Mar 9: work in office, leave early to continue moving work from studio to gallery, install show for next 24 hrs with 2 hr. nap
Mar 10: work in office, so sick not sure will make it to opening that night, leave early to finish show install, attend opening in high spirits, crash early
Mar 11: work in office, then let the relaxing begin!

Because of the incredibly tight schedule, I didn’t get to resolve all the pieces that I wanted to include in the show, so I am still hoping to wrap up a couple more objects to add. Then it will be time to concentrate on purging, packing and preparing for both my move and the residency in Virginia. I am happy to report that time is flying by!

Science is Fiction

February 14, 2011

It’s show time again! My last show at the Studio Center is coming up–only 3 weeks till I start installing! The show will sort of sum up my year here–a mini retrospective if you will. Hopefully a nice way to end my year-long staff-artist residency. Check out this pretty little show announcement…

Announcement for my upcoming show in March

Week 31 of 48

September 7, 2010

I’ve been invited to participate in a show in the Korean DMZ! I’m hesitant to officially announce this as I can’t really believe that it’s true, but maybe it’s safe to announce it virtually until I know something more about whether or not it will happen. It is the tenth annual Korean DMZ Art Festival, which consists of 12 artists creating outdoor installations and an additional 25 artists sending in images to be printed on approximately 3 1/2′ x 6 1/2′ flags to be installed around the grounds. I will be one of the 25 international artists with a flag from either Korea, China, Japan, USA, Canada, Italy or Australia. The show opens October 1st and will be up for a month and is associated with the Seokjang-ri Art Gallery Outdoor Exhibition Place, which might be one of—if not THE—northernmost galleries in South Korea. I honestly don’t know a lot about it since their website is all in Korean (maybe one of you who knows Korean can explain some of it to me), but I went ahead and sent in my image this week and am just keeping my fingers crossed that everything will work out as it should. It’s a shame I can’t be there to see the show in person—it seemed like they would put me up while I was there if I could pay my own transportation to get there, but that just isn’t possible these days. They requested my address in order to send me a copy of the catalog so that’s a good sign… Hopefully I can at least see some good photos of the completed print—it’s hard to imagine what my image would look like six feet tall! The theme is Boundaries and Borders (in the DMZ, isn’t that always the theme?) so I hope they print the flag on something slightly transparent as it would fit the idea perfectly. It felt natural to apply this collage of images of candy with a figure looking through to the concept so I’m really happy with the fit considering I pulled it together in an afternoon. Will keep you posted if I hear or see anything more about the show and the printing of my flag!

image for a flag that will be printed 39"x79" for a show in the DMZ in Korea

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