Week 25 of 48

July 27, 2010

Half way point!!! I missed last weeks entry with the craziness of the show, but it was the exact half way point of my time here on staff at VSC. The choice to have the show half way through the year was certainly intentional and will hopefully provide the momentum and motivation to finish out the year as strong as possible. In any case, the show has been really great for more reasons than I can count. It was a bit sad to take it down, despite it being the right time, and yesterday I projected the time-lapse of the entire piece in the gallery for everyone to share in as well. So without further ado, more images and video!

an individual sheet, at the end of the first day

all the sheets were poured differently in order to learn the most about how the layers move

Another panoramic, half way through the show

a detail

And lastly, the time-lapse video:

Week 23 of 48

July 16, 2010

Writing a little late this week because of the show opening Wednesday night but finally found some time to sort through the hundreds of photos I took on day 1. Images from the actual opening are up on my facebook page. For now, here are a few from before the show actually opened as well as a few from the next day to show the quick melting progess. More will come next week as things continue to change! There should also be a video or two and some time-lapse once the show is complete…

close up of the title before it started melting

not fabulous panoramic of the entire piece

one side

a single sheet, melting in the heat

the title the next day... totally illegible

view from outside, at night, the next evening

Week 20 of 48

June 22, 2010

I’ve made a lot of progress on the show this week, which is great, but I don’t think I’m ready to share yet. I can’t give too much away ahead of time. What I’m planning is very different from what I’ve been showing here over the last 4-5 months… Hopefully different in a good way! In the meantime, I think I will share a little of how out of control studio is these days. With summer going full steam ahead, everything is melting at an unbelievable rate. Making successful casts is becoming more and more difficult as the candy never reaches a completely hardened cool state and instead, immediately begins to melt into a sticky goo. I might actually have to set the casting aside until fall or winter when studio cools off a little. Being on the second floor of an un-air-conditioned building means it is never cooler than 85 degrees. Add to that the fact that I am also cooking and using blow torches…

wall of melting candy and pools on the floor

there used to be a pair of gems here...

a diamond melting in the heat of the studio

diamond slumping in the heat despite an armature to keep it upright

a strung up diamond barely hanging on

Untitled 9 (People)

December 2, 2009

We have had some amazing presentations this week by painter and sculptor, Carrie Moyer and Sheila Pepe, plus great presentations from fellow residents last week. The first batch of fine artist slide shows occurred last Wednesday and they were great! It was so much fun to see peoples’ work, hear them speak, and start to figure out what everyone is into. I can’t wait to see the rest of the artists work! Then Sunday night was the first reading session for the writers and that was wonderful as well. Some really incredible work coming out of my colleagues, artists and writers both! I’m so excited for the writers to publish their novels, essays and poems so I can go out and buy them, read them at home, and share them with friends. I’m not even slightly exaggerating on this—the work is soooo good!

A tradition at residencies, to sign your studio door frame with name and date in residence so the space has its own history of people working within

My studio mate across the hall, Tiffany, bought me this amazing ribbon candy...

Tiffany and Avantika, two of this months most influential social lubricators. I don’t actually have a picture of Tiffany but she has been working in food recently so it seems fitting that I would have a studio next to her… I would say they did this on purpose but I had no idea I would end up working in candy when I mailed in my studio request form…

Avantika, out my window, photographing the travelling stool she painted

I have to say though, it’s also a little intimidating. I’ve realized that a lot, possibly even the majority, of the artists already have MFAs or are in grad school now and REALLY have their shit figured out. They know what their art is about, why they do it, what they are trying to explore, etc. etc. They have bodies of work, are investigating specific themes and know how to articulate what the work is all about. Also, everyone calls everything “the work“, not “my work“ or “your work“ but THE work. Is this something I need to get into the habit of doing? Regardless of “the work“, this place is full of incredibly talented, fun and open people. Somehow I’ve found that it’s incredibly easy to share, chat or just hang out with pretty much everyone here. What is in the air here that makes this work? Even though everyone is a crazy character in one way or another, it works amazingly well… And there’s so much creative energy floating around; even if you don’t see peoples’ work or their studios, you just know it’s happening…

Untitled 4 (Black Friday)

November 27, 2009

Spending Thanksgiving with 75 almost strangers was surprisingly lovely! The kitchen crew did a beautiful setup in the main hall with wine and cheese at 1:30 and the full out dinner at 2:00. It was amazing. Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce from scratch, sweet potatoes, green beans, roast beef, crab cakes, salads, cheeses, fruit, egg nog, apple cider, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, creme brulee, apple cobbler and more that I know I am forgetting. And all of it was amazingly cooked. I sat with a few new people that I had seen around but not really talked to yet and it was great! I decided to actually treat the day like a holiday and not spend all of it working in the studio. So after eating a disgusting amount, went for a nice long walk up the mountain and back for beautiful views of the valley, got back at dusk and lounged drinking wine, playing balderdash until the served they leftovers for dinner at 6:00 with to go containers in case you couldn’t eat anymore. Then downstairs to the lounge for more drinks, bingo and chatting until it was time for bed!

The beautiful holiday dining hall setup

Yesterdays Schedule: Up at dawn, online time, breakfast, take apart mother mold and prep for rubber, scavenge materials for pouring rubber, shower, tday wine and cheese, dinner, walk, hang out, dinner again, bingo, drinks, chilling, bed!

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