Week 38 of 48 (9 months!)

October 25, 2010

Before leaving town for Denver, my goal was to have as many pieces of the armor submerged in solution as I had sugar for. I received another 150lb sugar donation and converted it all to rock candy solution within a week. Unfortunately, I grossly underestimated how much sugar it would take to fill the fish tanks (nearly 100lbs for a 10 gallon tank!) so I didn’t end up with as much as I needed. If anyone wants to make a sugar donation, let me know! Its about $1/pound… Nevertheless, I managed to fit all the pieces in the tanks except one leg. Here’s a step by step sample of how this is working.

first the dress form and arm/leg I carved are fitted with various armor pieces mocked up in cardboard

the knit is then stiffened over the form into the correct compound curves and shapes

here is one of the dried pieces just so you can see how it will eventually fit the body

to maximize tank space and sugar solution, I've been packing as many pieces in each tank as I can possibly fit

layers submerged and growing...

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