Week 27 of 48

August 9, 2010

This week I am still trying to wrap things up from Sweet Senescence. The panels and catch basins are in the process of being cleaned, all the melted candy is being stored for future use and I gutted and scrubbed the studio clean in order to get a fresh start with some other ideas. There is still video to be viewed, compiled and edited, but I seem to be saving that for a rainy day. For now, I am concentrating on establishing a new routine for the next project and trying to determine exactly what steps are necessary in order to keep moving forward. For now, here are some images after the show came down.

the time-lapse projected in the gallery at night so those inside and outside could view it

a couple of writers watching the video

the panels spread out in an empty studio to continue to drip themselves clean

basins spread out to drip themselves clean

filling up buckets and jars with melted candy goo for future use

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