Week 26 of 48 (6 Months!)

August 2, 2010

Another batch of residents come and gone. Sweet Senescence has also come and gone as well as half of my time here in Vermont. With the conclusion of the show, I’ve spent a lot of time viewing and editing all the various forms of documentation, cleaning and re-organizing studio and thinking about what’s next—both here in the studio and once I leave VSC in December. I am planning on having another show in November and then December will just be packing up and preparing for the move to New York. But all of that is still several months away (though I can not believe it is already August!!) so for now, more images from the show and eventually I will put together some of the video footage as well.

the sign, after a week, was reduced to a puddle

the 2nd to last day of the show... not much left except the new panel on the far right

a detail, half way through the show

the same detail at the end of the show

another detail

moth, caught in the amber

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