Week 15 of 48

May 18, 2010

I haven’t shared much of the rock candy yet except for a few early set up photos, so maybe it is time to touch on that work a little. These were the very first round of rock candy experiments, all in slightly different solutions and staged to grow on different media (wool yarn vs. cotton rope vs. twine vs. thread, etc.). I have begun a new, more controlled set since the completion of these in order to really find out which variables work better than others, but this first set at least gave me a glimpse of what is possible…

rock candy growing on twine before (tied around a chunk of “starter crystals“) and after—this took 4 weeks and is kind of wimpy...

dyed with red food coloring, rock candy on cotton string at 2 weeks and again at 5 weeks

a clear solution growing on blue/black Japanese wool at 2 weeks and 5 weeks

this is the real goal of all this—to grow candy on swatches of fabric or knit forms. This was grown on cotton cheese cloth over 5 weeks and is truly beautiful. The pictures don't do any of these much justice.

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