Week 11 of 52

April 19, 2010

I am taking a break from everything this week including the blog, BUT I do have one fabulous thing to share. A used but perfectly functional digital camera arrived in the mail this morning from a person I’ve never met. Thanks to my shameless pleas for a non broken camera in order to continue timely and accurate documentation of everything in studio, a faithful blog reader who first found me three years ago through my show at the RISD Museum sent me a camera!! Thank you soooo much! I gave it a little test run this afternoon and so far so good—what an unexpected and wonderful gift. So all of you reading this, hop over to Cerebus Fangirl where she writes about anything and everything related to Dave Sim, Gerhard, Cerebus and aardvarks and say thanks for me! If you are unfamiliar with Cerebus, the longest running English language comic book series EVER, you should read up on this fabulous series, which you can now get in graphic novel form as well. Thank you again Cerebus Fangirl! All the pics that show up here over the next few months will be thanks to you.

Sometimes things just have a way of working out.

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