Week 9 of 52 at VSC

April 4, 2010

This week’s entry is all about degrading candy. Earlier I mentioned wearing a piece of candy 24/7 just to see what would become of it; it only lasted a few days, primarily because of showering. I made a makeshift setting for it and every time I showered, it melted and dissolved so much in the hot water that it shrank out of the setting and fell to the shower floor. The first time, this wasn’t a big deal–I just picked it up and re-bent the setting (made out of a paperclip) to fit the new size. The second time, it broke into several pieces when it hit the floor and I considered that to be the end of that particular experiment. I’m wearing another piece now, and this time I think I will avoid showering with it to see how much longer it will survive and what kinds of marks it will make. It did quite a bit of melting in the surprising heat wave we have had the last few days, but then I also sweated a lot of the marks off so…

sticky morning neck after sleeping with it on

After the shower that melted it beyond salvaging

Kind of loved the mark it made in the tub...

The next set of degrading candy photos are from a rock candy experiment. I thought I would just drop one of the cast pieces into rock candy solution to see if crystals would form on the cast. Of course this didn’t work at all, but it was pretty awesome watching the cast piece slowly dissolve into the already sugar saturated solution. It may have also caused a later rock candy experiment to grow exponentially faster than the rest, which would be great if that’s what happened, but that theory has yet to be substantiated. More on that later…

Rock candy test lineup

Dissolve progress over a day or two until the jar appeared empty...

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