Week 7 of 52 at VSC

March 22, 2010

Approaching the end of month number two at the beautiful Vermont Studio Center. This week felt like my first really good work week until the distractions of a fabulous St. Patrick’s day, a great trip to Montreal (saw Marcel Dzama, Etienne Zack and Luanne Martineau at the Contemporary Art Museum) and the requisite stomach bug for the weekend. But now that all of that is over, I’m hoping this week will pick up on some of last weeks momentum…

Started some rock candy... cultures? growths? not sure what to call them...

tests? samples? experiments?

So far, all they have done is successfully grow on the bottom of the jar, not on the string—supposedly this is a common problem so I'm not worried yet

I also assembled this wall of advertising porn a couple weeks ago—not really ready to talk about why it's there, but there is a plan for it...

I also wore some candy for the first time this week—around my neck to be a little more specific. This is related to the wall of advertising so I will share more on all that at a later date, but I have some pretty funny/gross pictures of the results. Hopefully I will have more by the end of this week… Until then, wishing you all a wonderful week!

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