Week 5 of 52 at VSC

March 8, 2010

This has been a strange one. The realization that I live in Vermont finally started to sink in and I found myself wondering on a daily basis, what on earth am I doing here?! Don’t get me wrong—VSC is a wonderful place and I am still excited to be here, but at the same time I am finding that I have no idea what I’ve gotten myself into! I voluntarily moved to the middle of nowhere, abandoning whatever I did or did not have going on in Boston, to be a part of this bizarre transitory community of which I am now one of the few fixed points… Everyone else gets to pass through, taking full advantage of all that is here, but I am not one of those and I cannot make use of it as I once could… There is still no rhythm to the schedule or the studio work and now I am starting to wonder if there ever will be. Maybe it will be a year of lurching energy as every day feels like a new battle to get to studio and get my head in the game… It also doesn’t help that my camera finally bit the dust or that my office work load has been a bit out of control. The camera still functions, but not as much as I  need it to, and I’m just going to keep telling myself that the office work load is temporary… Anyone want to donate a camera to a good cause? I promise I will use it only for good and not evil… In any case, the most exciting event of the week was the explosion of crystals out of their container. I love that I can be out of the studio for a full week and walk in to find this marvelous and surprising thing growing in it. Maybe I should do more work that creates itself without my presence!

Only 6 days after starting them, they are literally exploding out of their container

So pretty...

A close up of some of the smaller crystals

One of the larger spikes

And now some of those drawings I’ve been promising to share… I still have no idea what I’m doing with these, but for now I’m OK with that. I’m curious to see where they end up, but I’m not interested in forcing them… yet…

One of the first few...

My drawing assignment has sort of degraded into just a fun thing to do when I cant make it to studio

Most are done in an hour or so, this one took a bit longer...

Diamonds are a girls best friend

2 Responses to “Week 5 of 52 at VSC”

  1. Ani Says:

    Those blue crystals are Amazing! Gorgeous! and Outrageous!
    Can’t wait to see how they grow on the strings & what you’ll do with them.
    Good luck “breaking the rules” and pushing your boundaries for making art!

  2. Sami Says:

    I really love these drawings. they are freakin hot. and the crystals actually remind me of the fractal like patterns you created in your paper cut out installation at RISD. Rock on chica!! ❤

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