Week 4 of 52 at VSC (1 Month!)

February 28, 2010

I have officially survived my first month as a year-round staff member. Woohoo! It’s actually quite terrifying to think it is March… I’m not ready! What happened to February?! It flew by so fast I can only imagine that the rest of the year will go by equally, insanely fast. It feels like I haven’t gotten anything done yet, which is slightly disappointing, but then people keep telling me that the first month doesn’t count… Regardless of counting or not, I am still working on polishing off that diamond in order to make a mold of it and I started making molds of a bunch of smaller faceted forms. Oddly enough, I found some glass knobs (purely coincidental that the previous candy test pieces look like door knobs) that are perfect for the job on one of the antique chest-of-drawers in the office, so I am borrowing them for the week. I also started a new batch of grow-your-own crystals. The package claims they are aquamarine and the solution is certainly bright blue but we will see what it actually produces after a week or two. Already they are looking pretty fantastic, after less than 24 hours… Outside of the 3D world, I have given myself a juvenile drawing assignment of sorts. Realizing that I have a horrible relationship with drawing, which hasn’t always been the case, I am trying to draw every day. Initially I was supposed to start and finish a drawing a day, but I have already broken that rule so instead I am trying to just draw every day; either completing a drawing or adding to one I’ve already started. So far there have been some interesting results, though I think I will save sharing them for next week… Without further ado, this week’s photos:

mold making station

antique knobs and one fake acrylic one—so obvious which is which!

After about 18 hours, crystals were growing up the side of the container and out of the blue solution

these images don't do them justice—they are quite amazing looking

Oh! I listened to the new Knife album today not knowing it is an electro-opera that hasn’t been released on CD yet (only for download until tomorrow, March 1st). I had NO IDEA what I was listening to because it was so weird—I thought maybe I had downloaded the wrong content since I didn’t recognize any of the vocals. Over half way through I finally recognized some of it, so I looked it up to figure out what kind of crazy concept album it is and not only is it an opera, it is also based on Darwin’s, The Origin of Species, AND these illustrations are part of the album art:

how insane is that! fig l. is a diamond! life is so weird... illustration by Sara Hernandez

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