Week 2 of 52 at VSC

February 14, 2010

Week two was slightly less insane, but only slightly. While everything is unpacked and in its proper place, there still hasn’t been much time to feel very settled, to really dig into the work or to establish a routine. Next week! Although next week will be abnormal too. Presidents day is one of our few vacation days and Tuesday is a huge deadline for applications so the office should be especially wild as everyone chips in. I also worked changeover this weekend, which is what they call the process of helping new residents arrive, get oriented and started on their own work, so that will cut a chunk of time out of my work week as well. Because every week is different depending on changeover and scheduled monthly activities, maybe routines aren’t actually possible here? Maybe what I need is just a rhythm, not a routine… Anyways, enough chit chat, how about some photos from this week:

An oddly photoshopped panoramic of the studio before I started but after the loft was done...

First round of test casts in little molds—unfortunately I dont think they will work as I originally intended, but they may be good for something else...

A close up of one—actually the bottom of one of those vending machine containers...

I found this plastic diamond on the street months before starting all this, forgot about it and found it while moving... here it is photographed on a sea of candy...

The view from the pillow lounge I made in my loft for nap taking

I also wrapped my table in aluminum foil... definitely should have done this before but it makes cleaning up the candy so much easier...

Also, have I mentioned I added a subscribe button to the page? If you don’t already subscribe, you should! New posts will magically appear in your email so you can stay up to date or link to read it here…

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