Broken Candy

December 30, 2009

Now these pics are exactly 2 weeks behind. ¬†Two weeks ago, I was still in the bubble that is Vermont Studio Center, playing with candy, walking in the snow, enjoying a 6-pack of local beer with new, but instantly tight-knit friends. Now the holidays have passed, time with old friends, family and places of my childhood has been spent, and the new year is bearing down with its ideas of change, resolutions, progress, movement and growth. I am back in Boston face to face with the intensely fast, oftentimes painful, changes I have brought upon myself by deciding to leave in order to return to the bubble that is VSC. Nothing in life is easy, and while in the past it has seemed that the hard things were entirely out of my control, this time I have to acknowledge that this is a difficulty I have chosen. Somehow it seems appropriate that while all these melancholy thoughts are floating around here in Boston, I would share the most depressing part of the residency; cleaning out the studio and packing up in order to head home…

I purposefully shattered all the forms

Including the kick balls (I kicked them!)

In order to dump all the shards into a pan to melt back down into solid blocks of candy... to be re-cast later

I have some hilarious videos of the destruction involved in shattering all the pieces. A lot of it was quite violent! I nearly lost an eye, broke a foot, and left a nice big hole in my studio wall. Ha! Talk about going out with a bang! I will try to post those soon… In the meantime, I will be spending the month of January working out the logistics of leaving my life in Boston instead of doing any artwork. There will still be updates, especially the aforementioned videos, but day-to-day life will have a very different focus for a little while.

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