December 21, 2009

Posting all of this retrospectively is sort of sad and surreal. Without my VSC calendar of scheduled events in front of me, I have no idea what happened on which days and sometimes I can’t even recall the order of events. Time as we logically construct it had such little meaning there. I have no idea what day of the week anything was as the only day that mattered was Sunday when we had brunch and an early dinner… Time only mattered as time in studio, time with people, time eating and time sleeping. Scheduled events were announced every day, so you didn’t need to look at your calendar as long as you paid attention to announcements. These included 4 resident slide nights, 3 resident readings, 2 open studios, 2 visiting writer readings and 4 visiting artist slide shows. Most of these were followed up by intense happiness, pride to be surrounded by such a great crew of people and joy at all the amazing work everyone was doing. There were also plenty of off calendar events organized by residents themselves like art shows by Avantika, The Thing and Sweet Brown Baby Jesus, The Color Bar bar and dance club, scheduled dance parties in various studios, bonfires led by Harrison, NOOKS and CRANNIES art show and Critical Mass events by Tiffany and myself, etc. etc. Even the occasional impromptu performance, laughing yoga session, pick up soccer game, bingo game, would you rather session, or trip to the local bar, The Hub, were all great. Now it all seems to just be a whirlwind of busy, exhausted but wonderful happenings, of which I can’t really tell up from down (not that I need to). Keeping up with the blog would have been a great way to help sort it all out, but in the end, I guess I decided doing the thing and enjoying it in the moment was better than stopping to write about it, despite the struggle to remember it accurately later…

These photos do them such little justice, I almost didn't show them, just try to imagine floor to ceiling globs of stelactite-ish candy

These were the last of the direct candy experiments

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