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December 5, 2009

Round two of experiments. These were done by laying down some aluminum foil and pouring the candy flat on it in various designs. Very Jackson Pollock style. After the candy cooled completely, I could pick up the “painting“ and again find other things to do with the pieces. My favorite parts were actually the tiny little broken parts. I would like to do some drawings of them or drawings inspired by the forms they made. Not sure if I will have time for that while I am here, so I might have to just photograph them well and draw them when I get back to Boston.

These are the favorite bits and pieces I pulled out

looks like a little man pinned to the wall

Looks frighteningly like a tooth!

Upside down curly cue U

More doodles...

Long legs

Ribbons of candy...

Just had my second studio visit, this time with Carrie Moyer, who now teaches at RISD although I think she started teaching there right when I graduated. Again it was a great conversation, although she really questioned my concept far more than Sheila so now I have even more to think about! But I’m going to do my best to avoid getting slowed down by all the things swirling around in my head and just push forward as best I can. More on this later…

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