Untitled 11 (Too Much Fun)

December 4, 2009

I partied too hard last night and didn’t do my usual routine of writing the blog entry for that day in the evening. Instead, I am writing it after the fact, posting immediately and then writing todays entry as well in order to get back on schedule. Yesterday was a crazy intense day. I met Sheila during breakfast and we walked over together to start her studio visits for the day. It was a great meeting. Despite being kind of scared initially, we ended up having a really wonderful conversation about process, how to move forward, things to think about, and so on. She gave me the names of a few artists she thought I should look at and even more importantly some authors and readings to check out to educate myself on some of the theory I know I’m missing. And she essentially ended by telling me not to be afraid to compete with my fellow residents. She encouraged me to take the whole place up a notch by pushing it really hard these last couple weeks. It was exciting! But as seems to happen with all reviews, good or bad, it sort of derailed me for the day. With so many new things to think about, I slowed down considerably for the rest of the day until dinner when all the group action started. Immediately after dinner was the first open studios where everyone gets to tour everyone else’s studios to see how they work and what they’ve been up to. Then there was a show opening in one of the studios that a resident, Avantika, curated with performances and readings by the writers, a liquor bar, DJ and dancing through the night. In fact, I ended up wasting most of the day today recovering from last nights’ ridiculously high alcohol levels. All in all, not the most productive set of days, but good nonetheless.

Anyways, without further ado, some pictures of the first set of my favorite candy experiments.

I set up some funnels at ceiling height

And poured the candy through them as it was cooling

When poured at the exact right moment, it would make these incredible continuous strings that spooled up on the floor until it ran out

I repeated it at half height and put aluminum down

Then I could pick them up off the aluminum and do other things with them, like this wall mounted one

Or find ways to make them more 3D like this cascading one

More experiments to come next time.


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