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December 3, 2009

Yesterday was such a fun play day. Now that I have proved I can repeat successful casting results, it is time to play! I spent my entire studio day just having fun with the candy, trying all kinds of experiments and letting the candy take me places I never would have gone otherwise. It was such a relief after slaving over the mold, both the making of it and the repeat attempts at casting in it. And even though I have been working really consistently from day one, my studio finally looks like it has a lot more stuff in it thanks to yesterday’s experiments. But I’m going to be a horrible tease and not actually show them yet. To keep things slightly chronological, I’m going to share the candy making process and the first successful casts.

One batch of candy: sugar, corn syrup and a little water

Boiling sugar, this is the early boil stage, when it actually reaches temperature, it boils totally differently...

Candy ready for pouring, at about 300 degrees but no longer bubbly

The first successful cast. Totally ugly, heavy and dark, but it worked!!! This must have been the 4th or 5th cast of this same batch of candy...

Shattered candy from all the failed cast attempts

The first cast to work on the first try. Woohoo! This is the natural color of the candy: you can add baking soda to bleach it but it becomes more brittle.

I also had my first studio visit, with Sheila Pepe this morning. It was sort of my first official sculpture review ever! Never having taken a real sculpture class at RISD, my only experience was in a technical class that did not include much theory or criticism related to sculpture and the making of it. And although I have made a few sculptures and even shown them, there has not necessarily been much real discussion, especially not with professionals, about the end results or even the process. So good to finally have a real talk about what I am trying to do!! I had no idea what to expect so I am really happy with how it went.

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