Untitled 8 (Beautiful)

December 1, 2009

I finally had my first big breakthrough last night. I spent the first few days here making a rubber mold, messing it up, fixing it, making a mistake, inventing a new mold making technique to fix it, etc. etc. Once I finally got a functioning mold, I began trying to cast home made hard candy in it and wow has it been a challenge. When I did the smaller casts at home in the old My Little Pony molds, everything worked like a dream on the first try and it all seemed so simple. However, the change in scale to a kickball sized mold made a huge unexpected difference. Suddenly it was impossible to get an even coating of candy throughout the entire inner surface. With the first cast, I didn’t make the candy correctly and it never hardened properly. The second cast I poured the candy out when it was too hot, creating an incredibly thin shell, meaning it crumbled and shattered when I opened the mold. This trial and error system went on for several more casts, each time getting a little closer to a successful full cast, but each time shattering and crumbling in the end. Every time I tweaked something about how I ran the cast, it would come out slightly better and therefore encourage me to continue adjusting, thinking EVENTUALLY it had to work. Towards the end of the day yesterday, though, I was starting to think that I should stop forcing the candy to do what I want and maybe step back and spend some time learning what the candy wants to do instead. Even though I finally got a successful cast yesterday (by pouring the candy in, closing up the pour spout with some plasticine, and continuously rolling the mold for a good 2 hours while it cooled), it’s still ugly, too thick and not really what I was hoping for. At least now I know it is possible though and can continue to tweak my technique until I am a pro. It still seems like it might be a good idea to step back and just play with the candy for a day or two before pushing forward. I might find some nice effects that I wouldnt have found on my own.

Anyways, without further ado, some pictures. I have also been taking time lapse photography while working in the studio so I will post the first week of video soon…


Kickball covered in plasticine with pour spouts and dividers for 2 mold halves

plaster mother mold... I used cheap modeling plaster and it was a big mistake, next time it will be half ultracal, half modeling...


After mother mold, I opened up the plaster, pulled out all the plasticine and put the ball back in to pour the rubber

I totally f-ed up the rubber but sort of invented a new technique in my attempt to save it... will explain that more another time, but here is the completed mold with kickball model, rubber mold, and plaster mother mold

The mold all closed up and waiting for candy to be poured in...

the mold upside down over a pot to drain out extra candy-this didnt work but it might in the future...

Next time will be the candy half of the process…

Yesterdays Schedule: I’m actually really sick of writing about my schedule and you’re probably sick of reading it so no more of this…



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  1. Rubber mold Says:

    Good idea! This difficult do? I also want to learn!

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