Untitled 7 (Places)

November 30, 2009

For the first time since owning a cell phone, I forgot that I have one! How’s that for being disconnected from the world? This object that is normally an extra appendage, must always be on or near me at every moment of the day or night, gets more attention than my personal hygiene, and now I completely forget about it. It’s kind of awesome. Maybe I don’t have to be linked in at all times… Of course, let’s not mention the computer that I am still completely attached to and often carry around from building to building in search of the best wifi connection. It’s also really nice to be free of the TV. I have almost forgotten about the holidays entirely without advertising to remind me that I haven’t started on my shopping list this year…

Anyways, I went for a little walk around the grounds the other day to shoot some pics before it snows. Here are all the essentials:

Pearl House: my room is the middle window on the 2nd floor

Johnsons old Firehouse, now divided into 5 sculpture studios with 2 kilns. I am in the back studio, furthest to the right in this pic

The much newer and nicer sculpture studios, Schultz, including the wood and metal shop and 9 or 10 studios

Sculpture patio out back, to the left is the sculpture yard which includes a bonfire pit...

The Gihon river winds around the grounds-here are its falls shot from the Red Mill Building, the heart of the campus

View out my studio window. Thats the Red Mill Building across the bridge, which houses the gallery, offices, dining hall, lounge and founders' home

Yesterdays Schedule: Slept in, brunch, nap, shower, open up mold, cast candy, order food safe silicone, open up mold, dinner, make new batch candy, writers reading, cast candy, begin to prep plasticine for next molds, room to edit video, read and write.


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