Untitled 6 (Townies)

November 29, 2009

The polaroid film I ordered for the $5 camera I found at the thrift store in South Boston arrived (that not only had batteries but when I pushed the button to see if it still worked, a photo popped out!). How hilarious is this:

It has an ancient coupon for candy on it! Obviously this pack of film was destined to fall into my hands at this point in my life...

I also went into town (you know, around the corner), and bought a case and a half of sugar and half a case of corn syrup. The manager obviously thought I was a little crazy but humored me as I’m sure she gets weird requests from VSC kids all the time. I wasn’t sure how to lug it all back down the street, short of borrowing a shopping cart or checking with the staff for a wheelbarrow, but then remembered I have rolly luggage! Thank god for boxes with wheels on them…

About 60 or 70 lbs of sugar in various forms...

I think that’s all I’ve got today… It’s been almost a full week and I still don’t feel ready to actually share any of the work I’ve been doing. There has been a lot of mistake making so it feels like slow going. As usual, I expected to be much further along than I am! So once I feel a little more confident with where I’m at, I’ll post something… hopefully within the next couple days…

Yesterdays Schedule: Up at sunrise, online time, breakfast, open up rubber mold, lunch, make and cast candy, set up reference images, catch up on emails, watch season finale of project runway, dinner, model sugar molecule, out to local bar for drinks with crew and townies


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