I have got to figure out how to pace myself! Having the ability to concentrate on nothing but art all day, every day, is crazy and I find I am just exhausting myself. Coming in with a plan was great, because it means I can jump in without wasting any time thinking, but I might have dived in a little too deep right from the start. I should probably slow down and build up some studio endurance. But wow does it feel good to be able to live in the studio if I want. And spread out!! I can have separate areas for different materials so stuff doesn’t get contaminated, or have 5 molds in process at the same time, or everything at once if I want. It’s amazing!

And now some images that hint at what I’ve been working on. I did these test casts before leaving Boston:

A whole bag of Jolly Ranchers, ready for the melting

Jolly Rancher candy art

Jolly Ranchers, cast into an old rubber mold

Set of candy tests. Orange is candy I made from scratch, reddish is what a whole bag of melted Jolly Ranchers looks like

Yesterdays Schedule: Up at sunrise, online time, breakfast, plaster other half of mother mold, lunch duty, studio store, try to take mold apart and break it, replaster mold, dinner, online time, resident slide show, drinks, bed.

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