Untitled 2 (Set Up)

November 25, 2009

Work tables consist of sawhorses with doors on top. All visual artists get two of these plus a rolly tabera with a hasp in case you want to lock valuables up. No studio doors or bedrooms have keyed locks; only the exterior doors into each building have locks on them, and basically everything around here works on the honor system. From how you use the machine shop and buy sculpture materials, to borrowing books from the library and picking up mail. But I digress. I was going to share my work tables, which sounds boring, and it is, so I added some fun stuff at the end.

eye hooks, monofilament, goo gone, rolling pin, plasticine, buckets, alum flashing, fiberglass, respirator, safety glasses, nitrile gloves, dust masks, nuts and bolts, screwdriver, metal scraper, paint spatulas, chip brushes, utility knives, yucky scissors, tin snips, wood strips, power drill, towel

wine, sugar, fruit, food coloring, ring pops, electric burners, scavenged pots, alum foil, saran wrap, corn syrup, cooking spray, scavenged yucky towel, measuring cup, thermometer, funnels, timer, yummy scissors, heat gun, giant roll paper, cellophane, business cards, $5 thrift store polaroid camera, ginseng tea, VSC mug, water bottle, miscellaneous crap

Taberay turned sideways with laptop set in place with wood screwed to top for time lapse photography

This made me giggle, animal traps and pet cages side by side. Made me think about our weird relationships to animals...

Funny cat toy which may become a part of this project and will definitely be given to penny when I get home, even though she hates all cat toys that aren’t twist ties or wads of paper

I’m also on a weird writing schedule. Since there is no internet access in my room, I go home to write in the comfort of bed, pajamas and glasses at the end of the day and then get online in the main hall before breakfast to post. It’s different writing without the immediacy of the instant publish… I will have to think more on this. Or not. I have to admit, I find I haven’t been thinking much these last couple days and I’m really liking it…

Yesterdays Schedule: Up at sunrise, online time, breakfast, finish preparing plasticine, shopping at Johnson Farm and Garden with shop tech, Harlan, cover kickball in plasticine, lunch, add pour spouts and dividers in plasticine, cut flashing and insert for dividers, yoga, dinner, prep fiberglass, plaster first half of mother mold, back to room for blogging.

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