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November 24, 2009

I still need to do my budget for Vestigial Organs, but how can I waste my first entry after arriving in Vermont on project budget concerns?! It just isn’t right… I intend to write an entry every day while I am here at the Vermont Studio Center, which sounds insane and maybe like a waste of precious time, but I think it’s important. The project that I have planned will be transient and ephemeral; translated, if you aren’t here in Vermont to see it, you will miss it. This means documentation is essential. In the same way that my time here is limited and will come to an end, so will this piece, so documenting both the experience and the project itself must go hand in hand and must be ongoing. Even if some days all I can manage is to post a photo of the grounds, or some oddity that catches my eye, that will be enough. The project is as much about time (this time of year, my time here in Vermont, time passing, the destructive nature of time) as it is about anything else. Have I been vague enough? I haven’t given away too much yet, have I?

Without further ado, some introductory photos:

My room; the first thing I was introduced to upon arrival. I cant be bothered to properly photoshop these together... You get the idea!

And the most important part, my studio. I put this up on the door so everyone knows where to find me and who is in there making all that smelly stuff...!

My studio! I should measure and figure out how big it is... maybe 10' x 20'?

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