Apartment Show

October 10, 2009

Part of my difficulty with consistently blogging lately has been due to several factors.  One, I moved across the city into a new neighborhood, building and apartment and even though we technically moved in August, we JUST NOW busted all the boxes and finally made the place look decent.  Two, I took on a new role at the Harvard Ceramics Program, which has required a lot more of my attention and energy than I was expecting and I find myself continuously playing catch up with the workload there.  Three, a hefty number of keys on my keyboard are broken and I have to copy and paste way too many letters, numbers and punctuation—as a result, I don’t really like typing much these days.  And four, most of the summer was spent in production mode, pumping out as many teeth as I could manage.  I figured writing about repeating the same process ever day would be about as interesting as watching water boil… so I didn’t…

Now I’m gradually working on pulling all the disparate pieces of my life together and hope it will culminate in a mini one woman show in my new apartment.  The new place is a large one room studio with plenty of space for a bedroom corner, living room corner and work corner in addition to the brand new IKEA built in kitchen and bathroom (with utility sink!).  I’ll be sure to post some photos soon, now that it finally looks like an apartment and not just a box jungle…  Anyways, I will be installing the teeth project in this new home, The Distillery, an all artist building of work studios and live/work spaces.  There are about 60 units in the 170 year old Rum Distillery, half of which are now work spaces for artists, writers and musicians, the other half are live/work apartments.  There are 3 galleries in the building, an urban garden in the parking lot, 2 enormous freight elevators, and a ton of arts resources if you befriend all the right people.  Every year the building hosts 2 open studio events, one of which will fall on Halloween weekend this fall.  This is when I plan on premiering the teeth piece and also hosting my own mini reception in conjunction with open studios.  So mark it on your calendar!  South Boston Open Studios, October 31 and November 1 from noon to 6pm PLUS a reception to celebrate the completion of the piece on Sunday, November 1st, immediately after open studios in my apartment from 6:00 to 8:00pm.  Be there or be square!  Also, if you are not already on my mailing list, or have moved, send me your new info!  I will be mailing postcards to announce the event within the next week and I don’t want to miss anyone!

South Boston Open Studios

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