No More Mold-Making!

July 23, 2009

As usual, it has been quite a while since I’ve managed to write anything.  Not sure there’s an excuse–I guess there just hasn’t been anything particularly exciting or note-worthy in the work of late.  But not today!  Today I am celebrating the completion of all the molds!  I guess you could call this the end of Phase II?  All I know is I’ve spent way too mch time (maybe the last 2 months?) making mold after mold after mold and I am happy as hell to be done with it!  I’ll celebrate by cooking some delicious spice rubbed chicken with a parsley-mint sauce and drinking mojitos until I’ve forgotten the pain of mold-making.

Opening up a freshly made mold--the last one!!!

Opening up a freshly made mold--the last one!!!

The 2nd to last mold--SIX parts!!

The 2nd to last mold--SIX parts!!

I’m probably making this out to sound worse than it really is.  The truth is I’ve spent 2 months making 8 molds of giant teeth; one for each type of tooth in your mouth (the average person has 32 total including wisdom teeth).  This may not sound particularly daunting, but some of these molds were 5 or 6 parts each!  Plus there’s all the time spent making the original tooth that the mold is made off of… so yeah… its been a long process.  But it’s over now!  I poured my last set of plaster last night and spent today cleaning up and trimming everything before doing a massive clean of the plaster room that I had completely taken over all summer.  I also acquired a cart, which will act as my mini mobile studio for the rest of the summer as I dive into a total casting frenzy.

My new mini mobile studio--3-tiered electronics cart--Thanks Jill!

My new mini mobile studio--3-tiered electronics cart--Thanks Jill!

So if this is the end of Phase II, what are/were the rest of the phases?  I guess Phase I would be the experimentation stage where I make mini teeth and try to figure out how everything is going to work before dedicating too much time to large scale work…  Phase II is the creation of all the molds and their preceding models, Phase III the casting phase (my favorite phase), where Iget to just go into production mode and make cast after cast as if apocalypse is now, and Phase IV would be where everything finally comes together and hopefully works!  I’m not planning on enrolling at the studio in the fall (I can’t afford it anymore!), so I’m hoping to complete as much, if not all of the casting phase throughout the month of August.  Assuming that works and I can get enough casts made and fired by the beginning of September, I’ll use the first week or two of September to pull everything together, install (still not really sure where yet!) and hopefully be ready to show the complete work to people by mid to late September!  That’s the tentative schedule for now, so we’ll see how that goes…  If all goes as planned, keep your eyes peeled for an invite to the show opening in early September and if you’re not on my mailing list, get on it!  E-mail me or send me a note with your address if you’d like to be added.

But right now, it’s time to concentrate on those mojitos…

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