Harvard Ceramics Program Spring 2009 Show & Sale

May 13, 2009

I’ve been really really bad at keeping up with this over the last month, so here’s a super fast update.  Teeth, teeth, and more teeth.  Modeling teeth, making molds of teeth, casting teeth, firing teeth, glaze testing teeth, painting teeth and waxing teeth.  There has also been some exciting dental work–both temporary and permanent crowns, as well as teeth donations from other people, teeth stories for the Teeth Stories website, and so much more…

Tonight was the secret special “preview” for the Harvard Ceramics Studio Spring Show & Sale, which means those who work at the studio and close friends of the studio are invited to a “sneak peak” of all the work and are allowed first dibs on anything they’re interested in buying.  I decided to actually do the Show & Sale this time, cause why not?  The last one was in the winter (it’s semi-annual) and I was in the middle of frantically making sheets for the show at the Arsenal so participating in the Show and Sale was of absolutely no interest.  But this time I figured I might as well–I didn’t think I would actually sell anything, but thought it would be nice to show some things and maybe it would motivate me to resolve a few pieces.  Imagine my disbelief when two teeth walked out the door tonight!  And the show hasn’t even officially opened yet!  Here’s the card for it:

Harvard Ceramics Program Spring 2009 Show & Sale Postcard

Harvard Ceramics Program Spring 2009 Show & Sale Postcard

So yeah!  Maybe you should think about coming by if you’re in the area!  Regardless of my teeth, the show and sale is always full of amazing and beautiful work from all the professional potters that work in the studio, so if you’re into ceramics at all (and probably even if you’re not), you’re bound to find something you like here.  The work at the show never fails to amaze me, even when I see it in process hanging around the studio.  And maybe you’ll find yourself walking out with a tooth in your hand…

In any event, I’ll include some photos of the latest teeth–I watercolored and waxed a bunch of them yesterday and am super happy with the results so I’ll have to show them off soon.  Assuming they don’t sell before I can photograph them!  And I’ll try to be better at posting new entries.  And don’t forget to check out Teeth Stories if you haven’t done so already.  I’ve begun posting requests for entries on Craigslist so hopefully lots of new and intersting stories will begin pouring in…

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