Studio Show

March 22, 2009

It hardly counts as a show, but I set up a small selection of the tiles, both framed and in piles, at the Harvard Ceramic studio in one of the showcases we often use to highlight members’ work.  For the most part, no one knew what to make of it as there isn’t much in the way of conceptual work made at the studio, but that sort of made it all the more fun in that lots of people had questions and it sort of gave me an extra opportunity to practice talking about it.  The pieces were there for probably 2-3 weeks immediately following de-installation at the Arsenal and now are all back in their respective boxes, stored in my living room until I can find some other use or opportunity to show them…  A handful of the smaller shards has made fantastic test tiles for glazes for the next project, and I’m thinking of assembling more shards into some place settings for “A Place at the Table,” a Harvard community project I’ve been helping out with.  Other than that, no time for lots of writing or anything informative–I still plan on posting a complete budget for this project, and then it will be on to photos of the next project in progress!






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