Opening Part 1

March 28, 2007

Before Anyone Else has Touched it Taken around sunset Before the Chaos  Finally the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  Photos of the actual piece and of the opening party/reception at the museum.  I know these are a month late so I apologize but there’s lots of them!  Consider this part 1 of the documentation of the piece and the party.  This first set of photos was taken the moment I finished installing everything on February 22nd before anyone else had touched a single piece of paper or walked through the room.  They were taken right around sunset so there’s beautiful cool light coming in from outside in contrast to the warm flourescents.  There are more of these photos–I’m just showing a few to entice you into checking back later.

Close Up Close Up 2 Close Up 6                       Close Up 3 Close Up 4 Close Up 5  All of these are close ups taken during the actual opening by my lovely friend Ashley who came the furthest distance of all–all the way from North Carolina just to see my show and hang out for the weekend.

Christopher Robbins’ Plywood Tree Line to get into Jungle Liz, Julia and Kacper About to enter Jungle                                             Miscellaneous People in Jungle Dad in Jungle Simon and Zehra exiting Jungle  This first one is of the other Sitings piece, Christopher Robbins’ Plywood Tree, and the next is the line up the stairs of people waiting to enter my Paper Jungle.  The rest are of people interacting with the space.

The Party Agus’ Basement Blues, Agus, Matt and Mark Parents The Sitings Winners (Christopher Robbins and I) Chatting with Chrissi Upstairs Housemates Leon and Roger Greg and Leila Architecture Friends, Shana, Jen, Kacper–all the way from Boston and NYC Brown Orchestra kids, Sarah, Jonathan, Ho and Lisa  And of course all the fun photos of everyone hanging out in the main gallery, eating Kabob & Curry and listening to Agus’ Basement Blues (live rock band!) amidst the museum’s awesome collection of Modern Art.  My favorite is the photo of the band in front of a Rothko with a sign above them questioning “What Happened to Art?”–it really doesn’t get much better than this…  Thank you so much to everyone for coming out!  Especially those of you who came from long distances including North Carolina, Virginia, New York and Boston.  You guys are amazing.

There are many more photos of the opening and the disaster that was my piece afterwards!  So keep checking back and perhaps next time I’ll actually organize them into a slideshow since I know clicking on each photo individually is a huge pain…

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