March 13, 2007

2/3 Ceiling Layout  I’m finally sitting down to actually write a new post–woohoo!  So the exhibit is officially open!  You can go to the RISD Museum anytime between now and June 3rd to check out the insanity.  It’s now been a little over a week since the opening reception and I think I’m finally starting to move on from everything that was this project.  Finishing something of this magnitude was kind of like going through what I imagine post-partum depression to be like.  I didn’t want to have anything to do with it for at least a couple weeks and having lots of people tell me how wonderful it was didn’t really mean anything.  I mean, I appreciated it, but somehow it all felt a little meaningless.  The thing was done, installed, available for everyone to see and touch but completely out of my hands.  Once it’s in the museum, it’s no longer mine.  It may suddenly be hands on for everyone else, but it’s basically hands off for me!  And that’s a very weird feeling when you’ve dedicated every free moment of your time for a month and a half to a project.  Weird.  (Photo is of the ceiling grid as I was laying it out in the hallway to make sure all the parts fit together correctly before starting to hang paper on them)

Ceiling Frames Anyways, I know everyone who wasn’t here for the opening is dying for photos, but I’m going to have to make you wait a little longer.  I want to go back to the couple of weeks before the opening and post all of those process photos first.  And also post photos of the insane process that was installing itself.  So it may still be another week or two before I’ll get caught up enough to show photos of the opening reception.  But they’ll be here soon.  Plus I’m waiting for certain people *ahem ahem* to mail me a DVD/CD with all their photos from the weekend of the opening so… (photo: pine ceiling frames with wire strung across them.  9 of these were hung with paper and arranged in an aluminum/galvaznized steel ceiling grid for ease of installation)

New Panoramic  So you may recall that panoramic I made way back when of my studio when I first started working in it.  It was basically empty except the first few experimental cuttings I had made and the projector/cutting mat set up.  This panoramic was made 2 weeks before installation, so basically after a month worth of cutting paper.  Significantly different.  It’s kind of sad that I couldn’t get my act together enough to post these when I first took them, because now that I’m writing in retrospect, I can tell you that it only got crazier!  There now exist panoramics of the night before installation as well as the day after when the room was completely trashed but basically empty…  Those will come soon…

 Kent and Elyse at Paper Party Part 3 Look at all that paper! Mmm… Paper That panoramic was taken right before the 2nd to last pizza and paper party, represented in this set of photos.  Definitely another successful event with all of my favorite paper cutting buddies. 

Flip Cup Team 1 Flip Cup Team 2 Flippy Cup Round 2 And of course this evening ended in the 2nd round of Flip Cup playing, which was even more epic than the first round.  This time we were prepared with 2 30 packs instead of just one and couldn’t finish them all!  So we all loaded into a safe ride (I think there were 12 or 15 of us in it… shh… don’t tell…), 30 pack and all and continued the party at the boys’ house.

Color!! Grey That week I also went back to the recycling center to buy some colored paper.  Back when I was first accepted and had to meet with the installation staff, I had to promise to re-install new cuttings whenever the place got completely trashed.  I decided at that time to do each new installation in a different color of paper so that people visiting would be able to mark the (d)evolution of the entire piece.  Color would make clear which elements were new and which were old, where people were taking things, what was falling down the most, how I, as the installer, was changing the shape of the installation, etc. etc.  I figured I’d have to re-install at least a few times, so I went ahead and bought three rolls of colored paper.  Initially I really wanted to tint the paper myself so I could control the colors and perhaps create a gradient of color instead of having to introduce a starkly different color all of a sudden.  After doing a few experiments, it became clear really quickly that tinting paper myself was just completely unrealistic.  Not only would it be expensive, but it would also be far too time consuming to be worth the effort.  So I tried to get a gradient of paper colors.  They happened to have these 3 shades of blue (among a few other random colors), so I decided I’d at least start with these and create a gradient from white to light blue to medium blue and so on.  When I first purchased the white rolls of paper from the recycling center, I purchased a grey backed roll thinking this might be a good way to start introducting color.  I cut one sheet of it while doing my regular white cuttings just to see what it would look like and ended up deciding not to use it.  I liked the idea of one side being white and the other grey, kind of like how a lot of plant leaves are in the natural world, but in the end it seemed a little too subtle.  The paper was also super thick so cutting it would take twice as long as the white.  And things taking twice as long is a big problem right now since the school year has started and I now have class work to juggle along with this never-ending project and work at Wooding and dealing with my upcoming graduation.  So brightly colored craft paper it is.

Well, that’s all you get for now.  Another catch up post will come soon–maybe even later tonight depending on how quickly my other work goes so check back soon.

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