2 Weeks Left!

February 7, 2007

It’s been far too long since I added an update so here you go!  2 weeks later…

Some of the museum staff came by to see how things were going and their visit went really well.  I had no idea what to expect, but it ended up being a really informal studio visit so they could get a better feel for what the project would actually be like and to check up on my progress so far.  If I hadn’t been working on it consistently since returning from China then I might have been in some trouble, but generally they seemed pretty pleased with the work I had so far even though I didn’t feel like it would look like much.  They asked a couple questions about the flooring and ceiling since those are the two most potentially hazardous aspects of the entire piece, and a couple questions about the concept in general and how I planned to reinstall parts as necessary.  I guess my answers were satisfactory so it was a fairly short painless visit.   Really all it did was get me even more excited about getting the whole thing together and seeing what it will be like in the actual space.  As intimidating as the 20th is, I can’t wait to get in there and start installing everything.  Although I know it’ll be extremely stressful and crazy, I’m excited to see what the thing actually looks like since the museum space is so completely different than my studio space.

New Patterns New Negatives Old/New Patterns So here are some of my more recent patterns.  I officially ran out of wall space early last week and have had to start hanging sheets off the ceiling grid in the center of the room.  This makes it far more impossible to photograph since I can’t accurately portray the depth of multiple hanging layers when it’s all white paper, but it’s finally starting to feel jungly.  After I finish the sheet I’m working on tonight, I’ll have officially run out of ceiling space as well.  Not sure what I’ll do with new sheets after this!  I’ve been simultaneously assembling my own ceiling structure, so maybe I’ll concentrate on finishing that so I can start hanging the sheets on my own grid in the way they will actually be hung in the museum.  Hanging them off the existing ceiling grid in my studio was just a temporary storage solution until I had my own ceiling frames built.  Now that a couple frames are finished, I guess it’s time to start arranging them the way they really will be in the museum–exciting!  (and scary)  It’s pretty awesome to be able to say I’ve almost run out of ceiling space in my room.  Especially since I now have less than 2 weeks of work time left.  Two weeks from this exact moment, I’ll have finished my first 8 hour day of installing everything in the museum.  I’ll have 8 hours the next day and then that’s it!  It’ll open that Friday, and the opening reception will be the following week.  I can’t wait!  Like I said, it’s really scary when I think about only having 2 weeks of work time left, but impossible not to be excited.  Not to mention the fact I’m pretty psyched about having a social life again–paper parties are my only social interaction outside of people I run into in the ID Building or at work.

Kits Speaking of paper parties, I had one more this past weekend.  This time I decided to be super organized about it so I spent all day Saturday making flower kits for everyone.  Basically I just folded paper over 4 times since you can usually cut 4 sheets at once fairly easily, and then cut each set to fit a specific pattern.  And it wasn’t just me–special thanks to Matt and Rachel for spending the day in studio with me cutting squares of paper.  Not exactly the most exciting job, but I definitely appreciated it!  By the time everyone else came at 7pm, we had far more flower kits than could be cut in one night, which is perfect since I’m having another party this weekend.

Grads at Party Paper Party 2 2nd Party We also had to have the paper party on the 4th floor of the ID Building, which is a gigantic space usually reserved for sophomore studios, because there wasn’t enough space in my studio for people to work.  Even with myself, Matt and Rachel it was a tight sqeeze–the paper is taking over!  So we camped out upstairs for the evening, had pizza, cut paper and generally had an awesome time.  You guys are amazing.  I know I say it everytime, but it’s so true.  You have no idea how much it means to me that so many people come to help for a few hours!

Flippy Cup And then we bought a 30 pack (actually Kent bought the 30 pack) and played as many rounds of flip cup as we could manage before running out of beer.  Believe it or not, the entire pack vanished in less than an hour–I would guess it was only 1/2 hour… That’s a beer a minute!  But I guess when there’s 10 of us…

Me and my Paper So there will be another cut paper party this weekend, same time same place, and then the last the following weekend.  Only 2 left!  So if you haven’t come to one yet, these 2 are your last chance, and if you’ve been coming, keep coming since they’re so much fun!  This time we’ll get 2 30 packs and see how quickly those vanish…


One Response to “2 Weeks Left!”

  1. twasy Says:

    melissa…your paper cutting looks amazing!! i wish i could be there to see it 😦 but you must pick a flower for me after it is all installed. i added you as a dorky blog friend on my china blog (and was even inspired by you to title the section “dorky blog buddies” muahah). anyways please do come visit me in china! and good luck with all your museum stuff!

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