Pizza and Paper Party

January 24, 2007

Workers I would call it a great success!  I was amazed by the number of people who actually sacrificed three hours of their Saturday night to come cut paper with me!  Granted there was pizza involved, but still–a model shop monitor walked by and was like, all they’re getting for this work is pizza?  That’s crazy…  So thank you so much to everyone who came!  You guys are amazing.  You completely rock my world.

As I mentioned last time, I prepared by creating a bunch of Flower Patterns and then let people loose on them when they came.  I wasn’t nearly as organized as I should have been–it would have been way more efficient if I had tables and chairs prepared, and had selected which patterns were most important to be duplicated–but it was still really fun and we got a decent amount done!  I wanted to provide some photos of the aftermath (when I walked in the next morning, my studio  looked so completely trashed…), but my camera has decided to finally kick the bucket and is no longer functioning.  After sorting through the mess and organizing all the new cuttings I realized that we actually got a decent amount done!  Definitely worth doing again, so I’ll organize at least one a week until the day of installation.  It was a little crazy with so many people there, so I think I’ll do a series of paper cutting events with less people, but more often.  Have a couple a week and invite maybe 5 different people each time.  Plus that way people don’t feel obligated to come help everytime I have something.  So the next one will be this Thursday–a girls only event since most of my boys made it on Saturday but a lot of my favorite ladies were unavailable.  And with less people, I’ll also be more willing to allow beer into the picture.

Yesterday I also met with the other Sitings winner to talk about organizing some things for our opening in March.  It gave me a chance to just talk to him about his project (and mine) and they’re actually really related which is cool!  I don’t want to give it away (even though this site is all about giving mine away), but his piece also has a time based element to it and a nature-based theme.  He’s a grad student in digital media and is building a tree out of layers of plywood.  It’s a pretty insane process because he’s cutting each layer by hand to give it a more organic feel rather than having the pieces laser cut (sound familiar?) and will “plant” it outside the museum for the first month or so.  Mid-way through the semester, he’ll take the whole piece down, tear it apart and mill it back into a sheet of plywood–also a crazy time intensive process!  The best part of the fact that we’ve been picked together is that his name is Christopher Robbins, and as my dad put it, I’m building the Hundred Acre Wood and he’s building the Hunny Tree!  I feel like we should use that in our posters or title our pieces with some sort of Winnie the Pooh reference.  Course, he might not appreciate that… but seeing as I still hate my title, I wouldn’t mind!  Anyways, the real point of our meeting was to talk about our opening reception.  We agreed to work on designing a joint poster to distribute around campus as well as postcards (if the museum will provide the funds) for everyone’s mailboxes.  Since I’m not that hot of a graphic designer and he’s done some graphic work in the past, he’s going to take care of that kind of stuff while I work on finding us a band (assuming the museum will allow it) and taking care of things like making sure we have food and alcohol for everyone.  So if all goes well, hopefully we can gather a decent crowd and have a fun opening.  And as originally planned, there will be a cocktail party at my house right after the opening so plan on spending your Friday night at the museum and at my place!

The only other bit of news (other than lots of paper cutting) is that I have my meeting with some of the museum staff on Thursday afternoon.  I’m a little anxious about it… Deborah Wilde, which is the woman who has been organizing all of this from the beginning, will be there along with the installation staff, the curatorial assistant of contemporary art, and the museum technician.  They’ll all come visit me in my studio to check out what I’ve been doing for the last month (even though I haven’t actually been here all month).  I imagine it to be less of a review (since they’ve already picked my piece and expect me to execute it exactly the way we discussed back in December) and more of a check in just to make sure I’m on track and working.  I do have some questions for the installation staff about my ceiling, so it’ll be a good opportunity to talk about that, but above all else I want to impress them in some way with the work I’ve been doing!  The last couple nights have been pretty late nights in studio (trying to finish one 7′ or 10′ pattern every day) to make sure I have a decent amount of work to show them when they show up on Thursday.  I still haven’t done much with the ceiling, so I’ll spend tomorrow putting together a mock-up of some kind to show them exactly what I intend to do to make sure they think it will work.  Hopefully it’ll go well!  I’m sure I’ll put up a new post of some kind soon afterwards to talk about what happened.

Kiddie Table Pizza Boys in Green  Here’s some pics from my pizza and paper party–I would post some of the aftermath and what we actually accomplished except that my camera died later that night.  Hopefully a new one will be here by the end of the week so I can document the cutouts I’ve done this week.  Until then…

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