Sitings Proposal

January 15, 2007

So since I’m still working on getting this blog up and going, I thought I’d take the easy route and just start out by posting exactly what my proposal for this project is.  Firstly, Sitings is an installtion competition that the RISD Museum does every year open to any current student at RISD.  It’s kind of a big deal simply because the museum NEVER shows student work under any circumstances.  There is an anual show of grad student theses at the end of every year, and various faculty and staff shows (even those are only on a biennial basis), but never a context where undergraduate student work is shown, not even for a day.  Perhaps to make up for this, they offer an annual competition where students can propose an installation in one of the museum’s many non-gallery spaces to “celebrate and exploit the architectural idiosyncracies of the Museum’s four-building complex,” as the museum itself likes to describe it.  Anyways, I’d never actually submitted a proposal before, but thinking that it was an amazing opportunity and my last chance to take advantage of such opportunities, I thought, what the heck, why not try!  I spent a week doing nothing but putting the proposal together (lost lots of sleep, skipped a day of class) and several weeks later found out I was one of six finalists!  This meant I got to have a one-on-one interview with the juror, Xander Marro, an artist who lives and works here in Providence, to defend my proposal and try and convince her to pick me.  In the end, I was one of two people chosen to have my work installed in the museum and I am so completely psyched about it, I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown the day she called to tell me I’d won!  I have a 1000 dollar budget thanks to the museum, plus a 300 dollar prize once the thing is actually installed and a month and a half to build everything.  I have two working days to install everything (February 20 and 21) with help from the museum’s installation staff, then the show technically opens on the 23rd.  There will be a big opening reception/party on March 2nd and then the show will be up for 3 months, until June 3rd!  After June 3rd, I have a day to take it all down (basically the day after graduation) and that’s that.  So exciting!  If I actually think about it, I’m still in shock that my work is going to be in the museum for 3 months… unbelievable…

So, while I’m still getting everything organized, here’s a copy of my proposal to give you some idea of what this installation is about.  There are a lot of things that have changed already, or aren’t in the proposal that I’ll post in the future, but for now it seems like a pretty good place to start!  Feel free to post questions and I’ll try to answer them in future entries.


Also, a link to the museum’s website in case you’re interested.

4 Responses to “Sitings Proposal”

  1. frank Says:

    I like the looks of your site. I’m not into art per se and have no comment. I was curious to know how long it took you to get such a good looking site – in light of your comment that you are new at this. I started last week and feel helpless. Frank Eckblom, author

  2. ryan Says:

    I love the fact that you have a blog for this. I’ll be checking in on progress… 😉

    beware the spambots.

  3. ryan Says:

    since we’re both pimping our work:


  4. […] Sitings Proposal: I blame this proposal for starting me down this path that I have yet to turn back from… […]

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