Hello world!

January 12, 2007

So, first blog ever… Bear with me as I figure out how all of this stuff works.  I’ll get it eventually!  In the meantime, I already have a  couple things to post so I’ll go ahead and do that and perhaps come back and edit them later.  Basically this blog exists so I can share with all of my favorite people (who tend to be scattered around the world) what I’m working on at the moment.  Current projects, thoughts for new projects, etc.   Just a way of keeping people up to date on what I’m up to these days.  Right now the big focus is my Sitings project for the RISD Musuem.  I will be installing my project in the museum on February 20th–in the meantime I have TONS of work to do on it!  I’ll explain more about the project itself at a later date, but right now I need feedback/input on my artist bio and statement.  I have to turn these in to the museum ASAP for publication purposes–scary!  Let me know what you think… I have a few days to edit and change things:

Bio and Artist Statement

So, the length for both of these is about what it needs to be–meaning I don’t have much wiggle room, but any thoughts?  I know its kind of hard to comment if you don’t know more about the project, but any thoughts would be helpful!  And titles?  Mine are all really cheesy… I’ve never been good at titling my work…

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